Basic Static Server

A very basic server for serving up a static website, built with Node and Express.

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Basic Static Server is exactly what it sounds like; a very basic server for serving up a static website. It's built on top of NodeJS and utilizes the Express framework. It's very simple to use, and very simple to build on top of.

It's Basic.

How does it work?

Glad you asked.

First off, you need to make sure you have a couple of things installed on your machine.

Then, once you have the repo cloned, open up your terminal and navigate to the appropriate directory, and install the dependencies.

cd your-directory-name && npm install

Once all dependencies have been installed, you can start the server by running one of the following commands:

// start the server on the default port (3000) npm start // start the server on the specified port npm start 4000

Navigate to localhost:PORT_NUMBER to see your site live!

Folder Structure

Inside your directory you will find a folder called public. Inside this folder is where all of your site files will be placed.

📂 your-directory-name
    📂 node_modules
    📂 public
        📂 assets
        📂 css
        📂 js

NOTE: There must be an index.html file inside the root of the public folder in order for your site to be served properly from the root url (localhost:PORT_NUMBER). The rest is up to you.

One more thing...

This is not yet optimized for a production environment, but I hope to have it at that state in the near future. It is advised to NOT use this as your production server without something like Forever built in.